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    Share your research findings and results with us. 共享研究成果与发现。

    Welcome experts and scholars in the fields of Bioinformatics from all over the world. 热烈欢迎来自世界各地的生物信息学等相关领域的专家学者参加ICBRA 2018!

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    Submit your papers or abstracts to ICBRA 2018. ICBRA 2018接受全文或摘要投稿。

    You're welcome to submit research papers or abstracts for presentation and publication. 欢迎您投稿全文或摘要到ICBRA 2018并发表文章和报告!

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    Extend communication and cooperation in Hong Kong. 促进学术与商业等交流合作。

    ICBRA 2018 which will be held in Hong Kong during December 27-29, 2018 provides platform for communication and cooperation. ICBRA 2018将于2018年12月27-29日在香港召开。旨在促进学术与商业等交流合作。

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Welcome to ICBRA 2018! 欢迎您加入ICBRA 2018!

2018 5th International Conference on Bioinformatics Research and Applications (ICBRA 2018) will be held in Hong Kong during December 27-29, 2018. ICBRA 2018 aimed at keeping abreast of the current development and innovation in the advanced of research area on Bioinformatics Research and Applications as well as providing an engaging forum for participants to share knowledge and expertise in related issues. 2018年第五届生物信息学研究与应用国际会议将于2018年12月27-29日在香港召开。本会旨在为世界各地的专家学者提供学术与商业交流平台,探讨生物信息学研究与应用等相关领域的最新发展和研究成果,促进各相关产业领域的合作与发展。

Hong Kong, officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is an autonomous territory on the eastern side of the Pearl River estuary in East Asia. Along with Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and several other major cities in Guangdong, the territory forms a core part of the Pearl River Delta metropolitan region, the most populated area in the world. The territory features the most skyscrapers in the world, surrounding Victoria Harbour, which lies in the centre of the city's dense urban region. It has a very high Human Development Index ranking and the seventh-highest life expectancy in the world. 香港是中华人民共和国两个特别行政区之一,位于南海北岸、以及珠江口东侧,北接广东省深圳市,西隔珠江与澳门及广东省珠海市相望,其余两面与南海邻接。全境由香港岛、九龙和新界组成;地理环境上则由九龙半岛等大陆土地、以及263个岛屿构成。香港是全球重要的国际金融、服务业及航运中心,连续多年蝉联全球最自由经济体,并以优良治安、廉洁社会、简单税制和健全的法律制度而闻名于世,因此有“东方之珠”的美誉。

Previously, ICBRA 2017 accepted papers have been published in ACM Conference Proceedings (ISBN: 978-1-4503-5382-3). ICBRA series will be held annually to include innovative academics and industrial experts. We are looking forward to meeting you in Hong Kong! 本会一年一届,2017年在西班牙巴塞罗那市成功召开。ICBRA 2018,我们期待与您香港见!

Publication 文章出版

All the papers will be peer reviewed by 2-3 technical committee members or reviewers. 所有文章将由2-3位审稿专家平行审阅。

Accepted and registered papers of ICBRA 2018 will be published in International Conference Proceedings Series by ACM (ISBN: 978-1-4503-6611-3), which will be archived in the ACM Digital Library, indexed by  Ei Compendex and Scopus, and submitted to be reviewed by Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index (ISI Web of Science. 录用并注册的文章能发表在ACM国际会议论文集,由Ei核心以及Scopus检索或者发表在国际期刊IJBBB (ISSN:2010-3638)。 文章作者将被邀请参会做报告。


International Journal of Bioscience, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics (IJBBB, ISSN: 2010-3638), and will be included in the Engineering & Technology Digital Library, and indexed by WorldCat, Google Scholar, Cross ref, ProQuest.

Good News! The selected best papers of ICBRA 2018 (after adding at least 50% new material) can be recommended to be published in Information (ISSN 2078-2489) as a special issue, which can be indexed by Scopus (Elsevier), EI Compendex, Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI-Web of Science), etc. 好消息!优秀文章(添加修改50%以上内容)将有机会被推荐到期刊-Information (ISSN 2078-2489)作为特刊发表,能被Scopus (Elsevier),Ei核心,ESCI-Web of Science等检索。

One Best Oral/Poster Presentation will be selected from each session and the Award will be announced at the end of each session. 

Submission Methods 投稿方式

1. Full Paper (Presentation and Publication)
Accepted full paper will be invited to give the oral presentation at the conference and be published in the conference proceedings.

2. Abstract (Presentation only)
Accepted abstract will be invited to give the oral presentation at the conference, the abstract will not be published.

Please log in the Electronic Submission System (.pdf only) or conference email box: icbra-info@cbees.net (.doc/.pdf) to submit your full paper or abstract. Paper ID will be told within 2 working days.


Latest News 最新消息

October 30, 2018


ICBRA 2018 submission deadline has been extended to November 15, 2018.

July 23, 2018


ICBRA 2018 accepted and registered papers will be published in ACM Conference Proceedings, which will be indexed by Ei Compendex and Scopus.


July 06, 2018


Prof. Qiang Fang from Shantou University, China will sit as one of the Program Chairs and deliver a talk in ICBRA 2018.

Important Dates 重要日期
Before November 15, 2018
On November 30, 2018
Before December 10, 2018


On December 27-29, 2018
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